MacFreeSCI is a simple Mac OS X wrapper over the open source FreeSCI binary. FreeSCI allows the user to play the 'old' Sierra SCI games. A full description is available on the FreeSCI website at
The FAQ at the FreeSCI site is really a must read (if only to see which games FreeSCI can currently run).
Vision the MacFreeSCI as a launcher for the SCI games. The only purpose of MacFreeSCI is to show an overview of games that were added to MacFreeSCI and that MacFreeSCI can launch for the user. The SCI games need to be available on the local harddisk, if they are moved MacFreeSCI will no longer be able to launch the SCI game.

MacFreeSCI v2 was only tested with Panther (Mac OS X 10.3.4, 10.3.3 and 10.3.2 to be exact).

MacFreeSCI v3 was ONLY tested with Mac OS X 10.5.3 running on an Intel based iMac.

FreeSCI can only run the older SCI games (SCI0, so 16 colors). FreeSCI can not run the 256 color games. Also AGI games do not work with FreeSCI. Use the Sarien AGI interpreter (see for those. MacFreeSCI does not have any validity checking to see if the added game actually will work with FreeSCI.

Whats new in Version 3.0?:
It was quite some time ago that v2 was released. Development on the new FreeSCI branch (glutton) continued and is now the only binary that is included in MacFreeSCI v3. I added an experimental Core Graphics driver to FreeSCI. Its faster than SDL in windowed mode yet does not require X11 (as its the native graphics of Mac OS X). With v3 you can now set features such as full screen mode vs windowed mode in the general preferences of MacFreeSCI.

Common issues:
-FreeSCI tells me that X-Windows need to be installed
Because FreeSCI  is developed for Linux it needs a way to show the graphics on Mac OS X. FreeSCI  can output the SCI game graphics to several graphic engines, currently only 3 of them can work with Mac OS X. They are X Windows, SDL and Core Graphics (last one is experimental and is only available in v3). MacFreeSCI supports only X11 as the X Window server. X11 is included in any recent Mac OS X release on the Mac OS X disc.
-I can't quit MacFreeSCI, it keeps telling me that FreeSCI is running
Starting a FreeSCI game will use resources. MacFreeSCI won't quit until the resources it uses for starting FreeSCI  are being returned. You can check this by running the mentioned Console App. If you have quit the FreeSCI game and MacFreeSCI is still complaining it usually means that the FreeSCI  tasks are hanging. In this situation use Force Quit on the FreeSCI  icon (control click on the icon in the Dock). MacFreeSCI will then receive its resources back and end.

Link to project summary page on sourceforge is here. Please check under "Files" for the latest released binary.

Preference panel in Version 3.0

Version 2.0

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